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We combine evidence-based career advice with positive psychology to help our clients find career success.

We Do Things Differently.

At CareerBlox we work with clients to understand their individual needs and deliver tailored solutions. With a focus on topics such as confidence, optimism and resillience, positive psychology provides an evidence-based approach to building career wellbeing. Evidence shows that individuals with high levels of wellbeing are not only more likely to find career success they are also more likely to be flourishing in life. At CareerBlox we apply a positive lens to career services with the aim of giving our cleints the best opportunity to build a thriving career.

Wellbeing and Career Success Go Hand-in-Hand

How Can We Help?

Career wellbeing relates to how individuals feel and function at work each day. Research shows that people who experience high levels of career wellbeing are not only more engaged and productive, they also earn more money. At CareerBlox we help our clients develop the knowledge, tools and support to improve career wellbeing and build thriving careers.


Are you unsure about where you’re headed in your career? CareerBlox counselling and coaching programs can help you build clarity around your current situation, define career goals and build pathways to career success.


Is your school looking for an innovative aproach to career education? CareerBlox combines positive education principles with best practice career advice to offer students effective and engaging career development initiatives.


Is your organisation going through a period of change? CareerBlox offers outplacement and career development services that deliver best practice career advice with a focus on employee wellbeing.

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