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Get Happier
At Work.

Don’t love what you do every day? We can help you build a thriving career.

Take Control of Your Career Wellbeing and Get Happier at Work.

We Do Things Differently.

Many career consultants claim they can help you find a job you’ll love. But It takes more than just a revised resume or a one-off career counselling session to find a career that will make you genuinely happy. Our decision to focus on career wellbeing was driven by a desire to bring a scientific approach to career happiness. We combine evidence-based career advice with the positive psychology to give you the knowledge, tools and support you’ll need to manage your career wellbeing and get happier at work.

Evidence shows that people with higher career wellbeing are more than twice as likely to be thriving in life.

How Can We Help?

Career wellbeing relates to how you feel and function at work everyday. Research shows that people who experience high levels of wellbing in their career are not only more engaged and productive, they also earn more money. At CareerBlox we can help you develop the knowledge, tools and support to improve your career wellbeing and get happier at work.

Career Counselling

Are you feeling stuck and unsure about where you’re headed in your career? Our qualified career practitioners can help you build clarity around your current situation and figure out what comes next.

Career Coaching

Are you confident about where you want to take your career but not sure how to get there? Our qualified career practioners can work with you to build pathways and take action to create positive career change.

Career Workshops

Do you want to to take control of your career wellbeing? Our qualified career practioners can help you develop the career confidence, wellbeing knowledge, and job search skills you need to get happier at work.

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